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About me.

Hey there! My name is Serra. I am the owner, photographer, media specialist, customer service rep. and product ordering specialist for SimplyserraFloral. I am a full time mommy to my four sweet girls, two busy little boys and a wife to my amazingly supportive husband who is ever so patient with the endless amounts of flowers passing through our home.

While I grew up near the sands of Malibu, California I now enjoy the beautiful mountains of Cache Valley, Utah. I enjoy spending time with my family and eating delicious food, especially if I didn't have to cook it. I love the sunshine and the occasional rainy day, especially if it accompanies a toasty home fire. I prefer bare feet to shoes but the rocky mountains certainly aren't as soft as the coastal shores. I marvel at the creations of our Heavenly maker and also go gaw-gaw seeing my colleagues create all the beautiful things - especially when they include Simplyserra floral.
Thank you for being here, supporting my adventure and sharing your time with me.

Now, go on and take a gander through my garden and don't forget to smell the roses; they smell better here!

Est. Sept. 2007 and growing every year!
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