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About SimplyserraFloral

SimplyserraFloral is constantly on the look-out for the best high quality faux floral to make available for crafters and creators alike. Serra, owner of SimplyserraFloral, starting selling infant/child headbands on Etsy way back in September 2007 using pretty florals. She quickly turned to selling flower heads to other Etsy artists and was the first Etsy supplier of floral heads. Serra is a year-round planter in her Etsy garden and people use her floral for all sorts of wonderful creations; headbands, millinery, weddings, floral walls, floral crowns and photo props just to name a few - the flowery ideas are endless and we love to see our clients success in their own businesses using Simplyserra products! Share what you've made at any of our social links found below or on the home page. We'd love to hear from you!

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