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50 Mini Roses in GRAY-AS


These measure roughly 1.5 inches in diameter. Some may measure slightly smaller, They can be added to a stem if needed for bouquets. Small Gray floral is hard to find! These are so cute and great for any number of crafts.

These are sold as is and not checked for defects.
**The term "silk flowers", or similar, is a phrase used universally to describe artificial flowers. We use this term, and similar, as a search term to be found within Etsy by those looking for artificial flowers. However, most artificial flowers are NOT made from Silk, rather a blend of other materials, typically a polyester/cotton blend. Please keep this in mind while shopping our floral. While we use the universal term, our flowers are not made from pure silk.**

This does not apply to our Succulent listings as they are typically made from a plastic/rubber blend, unless otherwise noted.