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This is Me. This is Why I'm Here.

Hey everyone! Welcome to the new blog of SimplyserraFloral. The old one was rusty so we've cleaned her up nice and shiny and gave her new purpose. The role of this blog is to give you DIY crafts involving floral, and also to give you a behind the scenes of life as a supply seller/entrepreneur on Etsy. Being an Etsy Supply Seller for nearly 10 years has taught me a few things - I'm hoping to share some of my knowledge with you. But first, let me introduce myself.

This is me ---->

My name is Serra. I am the owner, photographer, media specialist, customer service rep. and product ordering specialist for SimplyserraFloral. I am a full time mommy to my three sweet girls, a busy little boy and a wife to my amazingly supportive husband who is ever so patient with the endless amounts of flowers passing through our home.

While I grew up near the sands of Malibu, California I now enjoy the beautiful mountains of Cache Valley, Utah. I enjoy spending time with my family and eating delicious food, especially if I didn't have to cook it. I love the sunshine and the occasional rainy day, especially if it accompanies a toasty home fire. I prefer bare feet to shoes but the rocky mountains certainly aren't as soft as the coastal shores. I marvel at the creations of our Heavenly maker and also go gaw-gaw seeing my colleagues create beautiful things - especially when they include SimplyserraFloral.

Thank you for being here, supporting my adventure and sharing your time with me.

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