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Podcast Takeaway. Say NO.

I listened to one of my favorite podcasts today ( and there were two things that really stuck out to me, but I'll focus on one for now and that is; saying no. There comes a time in your business when you start to spread yourself too thin. When you start feeling that way evaluate who and what you are saying, "yes" and "no" to. Evaluate or reevaluate your priorities and access if you are staying true to the order of those priorities. In my business I had to start saying "no" to clients who were asking me to do things that made my business more stressful on the back-end. Have I lost sales? Possibly, but not many. This is just a small example of where I have had to say "no" when it comes to life and business.

Have you experienced this? When have you had to tell others "no" and how has it affected your business?

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