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DIY Flower Balloons - Quick & Easy

Planning a celebration of some kind? Haeley over at Design Improvised has a totally cute idea floating around right here on this little blog today. I ran across her brilliant idea and had to share it with you. All crafty blog brilliance is credited to Haeley with a few notes from yours truly.

Let's craft this.


** If you purchase your floral from SimplyserraFloral chances are you won't have any stems to clip. Also, our Grab Bags are an amazingly cheap way to go if you want a great mix of flowers. Just be sure they are smaller blooms so they don't weigh down your balloons. If you want to use nicer flowers we have HUNDREDS to choose from.



Bundle a few up and take these balloon beauties to a friend in need of inflated cheer or use them as table decorations at your next birthday bash. Quick and easy, right up my alley!

To see more DIY designs head on over to Design Improvised immediately.

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