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Service is Good for the Spirit

I love being involved with the youth in my local church - they are so full of excitement and energy! I mean, seriously, look how cute they are! I was asked to come and teach these 8/9 year old girls how to make flower headbands and clips. It was so fun to see what flowers and materials they chose - each choice showing a little bit of their personality.

To make these flowers I brought out my Grab Bag stash, stretchy ribbon, brads for center embellishing and alligator clip stash, hot glue and adhesive circles. The girls were able to choose whether to make headbands or clips. They were able to choose whether or not to add a cute embellished center. They had a good time and were able to create a few pieces each. Getting out and doing some good is food for the soul.

If you have a similar activity you need lots of flowers for our Grab Bags are the way to go.


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