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Sophia Roses: What's the Difference?

Have you seen our popular Sophia Rose line in our SimplyserraFloral shop? There are two different blooms included in our Sophia line-up; a tighter bloom (search "Blooming Sophia Rose) and a looser, more "bloomed" look (search "Large Sophia Rose"). The tighter bloom can also be referred to as a "Georgia Rose" but because both types are made from the same material, colors and have a very similar look, we kept the names similar enough for easy searching. These photos show the difference between the fully bloomed rose and the blooming rose. These are a handful of the Sophia Roses available, there are more color choices available through our shop HERE

What are you creating? Either of these roses are a gorgeous choice, or blending the two would be amazing! You can purchase stems for these flowers (if in stock) here.


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