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A Quick Informational Poster with Flowers

Many years ago I was in charge of putting together themed monthly activities for the women in my neighborhood to participate in, should they choose. We gather as friends and as members of the Relief Society belonging to the LDS Church. Learn about us HERE. Sometimes for these activities a poster is made to stick in the foyer of our church building to let the women know about the upcoming activity. One particular month, our theme was "sowing seeds in Relief Society." I put together a quick informational poster by gluing stems and flowers from my Grab Bag pile and made this:

It only took a few minutes and got the informational job done. Do you have floral themed activity coming up? Grab Bags are the way to go when you need one-time use flowers that don't have to be perfect. Have you created something using floral from our Grab Bags? We'd love to see it and even showcase it if you'll let us!


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