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DIY Flower Monogram Tutorial

Monograms beautifully decorated with flowers is one craft that always catches my eye. A simple and SUPER easy way to brighten your space during drab winter months, or a quick project to welcome spring. I found an easy to follow tutorial done with splendid pictures provided by Amy over at Allparenting.

The process starts with a simple list of supplies. Add what you don't have, add to your next crafty shopping list. If floral is one thing on your list but you don't want to spend a bunch of time searching, check out our ready made Grab Bags in the shop. Or take a gander through the garden to hand pick your favorite floral.

Once you've got your hands on all the goodies, let's get started.

Isn't it fabulous!? I would love to have my own floral monogram hanging on my front door. Maybe one for every season. I guess I better start crafting! Be sure to share your floral crafts using Simplyserra floral on Instagram or on our Facebook page!


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